Transforming lives through fitness

Dungeon Gym & Studio seeks to transform lives and make people feel good about themselves through fitness. We want our gym to be a second home for all our members - a place where you will feel comfortable working out, trying new things, and reinventing yourself.



Visit us at 100 Beach Road #02-56, Shaw Towers, Singapore 189702

Mon & Wed: 7am - 9pm
Tues, Thurs & Fri: 8am - 9pm

Sat: 8am - 2pm
Sun: Closed



All Access

$120 per month

$320 for 3 months 

We offer a limited number of 3-month All Access Special passes which give members unlimited access to gym facilities, scheduled gym workouts and studio classes.

Corporate All Access

$240 per month

$640 for 3 months

Each Corporate All Access package entitles the company to two access tags. This means two staff can use the gym facilities or attend the studio classes at any one time. The tags are transferable.

Studio Unlimited

$96 per month

$270 for 3 months

The pass gives the member unlimited access to regular studio classes such as Kickbox Circuit, HIIT, Butt Abs and Thighs Toning, Bounce Dancefit, KardioBlast and many more!


$60 per month

$150 for 3 months

The pass gives the member access to gym facilities and scheduled gym workouts during opening hours. 

Gym Off Peak

$30 per month

The pass gives the member access to gym facilities during

off-peak hours:

Mon-Fri: 9 am-12 noon; 2 pm-5 pm

Sat: 8am-2pm 


Gym - $8 per entry 
Studio Classes - $18 per session

Suitable for those who want the flexibility of using the gym or joining a class without the commitment of a Studio package or a Gym membership.



You won't know till you try it out!

Dungeon Gym & Studio offers a weekly schedule of classes for everyone out there. If you have never stepped into one of these before, not to worry. Expect to have fun, and to feel really good about yourself after you are done!

Check out our fitness class schedule here!


A workout that combines body weight exercises in the studio with the use of gym apparatus to tone and strengthen the muscles.


Intensity: Low to medium


Burn those tyres! Butt Abs and Thighs Toning is a workout focused on building muscle definition around the abs and lower body.

Intensity: Medium

Bounce Dancefit

A fitness programme that even dancers love. The workout combines the best elements of hip hop, waacking, vogue and other street dance styles.

Intensity: Low to medium

Fight Do

Fight-Do combines boxing and martial arts into choreographed routines where participants take on imaginary opponents.

Intensity: Medium to high


High Intensity Interval Training builds up cardiovascular fitness by alternating between spurts of activity and short recovery periods.


Intensity: Medium to high


KardioBlast is a series of fun and energetic non-stop aerobic routines set to music, guiding participants between different levels of intensity.


Intensity: Medium to high

Kardio Freestyle

KardioFreestyle is a fun and unpredictable cardio vascular workout that incorporates different aerobics routines and dance genres.


Intensity: Low to medium

Kickbox Circuit

Kickbox Circuit combines cardio kickboxing routines with padwork to help participants hone their upper and lower body strikes.


Intensity: Medium to high



A great form of rehabilitative exercise, Pilates helps  improve mental and physical well-being, increases flexibility, and strengthens the core,

Intensity: Low

Total Body Toning

Who wants a makeover? Total Body Toning helps you to rediscover muscles that you don’t remember having, and coaxes them into shape.


Intensity: Low to medium


De-stress with yoga, a programme that seeks to build strength and improve flexibility while focusing on breathing techniques and control.


Intensity: Low


Contact kickboxing and sparring techniques by veteran fighter and coach Loi Sai Tuang. (*Partner programme. For more information email info@dungeon.com.sg)


Sculpt, strengthen, sustain.

Who's afraid of the gym? If you need help navigating the apparatus, just join us for our small-group workouts or talk to any of our friendly instructors.  

Barbell Weights


Tel: 92374217/91016091/85456028

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